In September 2011, after nearly 4 years of running this blog as somewhat of a food journal for my wife (aka Spud) and I, with reviews on all of the memorable food outings we have shared, we are now reigning it in a little. In order to focus the content, and offer readers what we think will be a more valuable service, we are only posting about dishes that can be consumed for $10 or less. So, no more Blue Hills and Babbos, but all “cheap eats”. We will be offering you the best NYC (and sometimes beyond) has to offer: food trucks, sundaes, pizza, budget meals, tacos, and much more.

So you can expect more frequent reviews, better photography and features like “Thursday Travels”, which will spotlight great eats we have experienced throughout the country and the world.

So please keep being loyal readers and definitely keep eating!!!

Scott & Katie (aka Spud)

Here are our stories:


I can appreciate fine dining, with sophisticated small plates, white tablecloths, and hyper-efficient service.  However, what really gets me excited is a genuine hole-in-the-wall where I can fill my belly with delicious home-style grub for $10. These cheap-eat greasy spoon wonders are all over the city and when I find a good one, it is like fresh butter cream icing on the cupcake.

I have had this idea for a “food blog” for a long time, way before I had ever heard the term blog. I have been living in NYC, the greatest food city on the planet, since 1997 and have eaten at the incredibly wide range of culinary experiences. One thing I know is that the options will never end.

A few years ago “I Could Eat” became “We Could Eat” as I met my foodie match. Spud is a great cook/baker, which does keep me eating at home more, but what could be better? Good eats is one of life’s great pleasures.
Scott “WeCouldEat” Lerner

First off, let me introduce myself. I am a born and raised “foodie” from Long Island who grew up eating copious amounts of Italian food lovingly prepared by my Grandmother and my Mom. Food was the way my family communicated, and still does. It is a sign of our love and affection towards one another and it is how we choose to be together, around a table filled with course after course of food. I am a product of homespun Saturday afternoons where we would sit for four hours at a time and enjoy the usual Italian meal, you know: olives/nuts/sunflower seeds with wine followed by pasta and sauce with wine/ followed by salad with wine/ followed by meat and mains with wine/ followed by coffee/tea/liquors/chocolates & wine/ followed by rich Italian pastries, and sure, for those still standing….how about some wine?
Going out to dinner was not a usual occurrence….we did it, but it was rare. So, of course it seemed fated in the stars that I would grow up and marry a “foodie” as well……and I did. My husband is the eating out foodie and I am the cook at home foodie. Overall, we strike an insatiable balance which leaves our palates intensely satisfied at all times. He has opened my eyes to all that Manhattan has to offer, and I, in turn, have kept our plates full at home with experimentations from our kitchen. Never in my life did I dream I would be this happy, or this full.
Katie “Spud” DeFeo

email us: wecouldeat@gmail.com



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Could you please tell me to what the ‘Golden Bonzone’ refers? I’ve tried searching the internet and came up with your blog.

  2. The Golden Bonzone is something that Spud and I came up with. It could be subconsciously taken from somewhere else, but I can’t remember ever hearing the term before. Bonzone is Italian slang for belly, and every award should be golden, so there you go…

  3. bradandlindsey said:

    Your website makes me hungry and want to go to NYC. Lindsey and I enjoyed meeting you guys today and eating a Chivito. You should write up a blog post about your first Chivito.

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