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L & B Spumoni Gardens
Gravesend, Brooklyn

This family-owned institution started by selling spumoni all the way out in Gravesend and is still going strong 75 years later! If you want to travel back in time with classic dishes, clientele out of central casting, and a fun all around experience, check this place out.

The menu at L & B Spumoni Gardens is huge with all the traditional favorites, so we tried a few: square slices, with excellent sauce, massive rice balls filled with meat ($5.95), and a chicken francese hero topped with broccoli rabe ($7.50). I had low expectations about the spumoni, which I assumed is just ices, but a word to the wise, get the signature dish of a joint that has been successful for 3/4 of a century! The spumoni is wonderfully smooth, creamy and flavorful. Who know that spumoni is the ideal summer treat?