The Elvis

Pregnant Lady

Peanut Butter & Co.
240 Sullivan Street, West Village

Everyone has their favorite flavor of Peanut Butter & Co.’s fun jarred peanut butter (mine is dark chocolate), but when was the last time you went to their little West Village eatery? The store does not use organic bread or locally sourced peanuts, like others in the neighborhood, but that’s not the point here. This is kid food at it’s finest. After all, what’s more of a beloved children favorite and a secret grown up treat than peanut butter? The menu here reads like Willy Wonka kidnapped by Skippy: sandwiches such as cookie dough surprise, peanut butter BLT, and fluffernutter, and desserts like PB&J pretzel sundae, and peanut butter brownie blast sundae. We love the signature Elvis ($7.50), grilled maple pb sandwich, stuffed with banana, honey, and bacon. It is a great salty, sweet treat. We also had the Pregnant Lady ($6.25) with pb and bread & butter pickles. It’s an unusual combo, which wasn’t my favorite, but my pregnant lady sure dug it!

PB & Co. is really fun, and definitely underrated. I am not sure why they have not spread all over NYC or even the country, but bring your kids, or just yourself here, and enjoy.