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Eddie’s Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills

I am really shocked by both how much I love Eddie’s Sweet Shop and by the fact that I have never been here before. This could be the last authentic 1950’s style malt shop in all of NYC. Nothing appears to have been changed in 60 years, including the little metal stools, the marble countertops, and the classic ceiling and floor. In addition to serving excellent homemade ice cream, they also sell lots of candy as well. But the sundaes are really the stars here. I had one of the best sundaes I have ever had here with cherry vanilla ice cream topped with gooey marshmallow fluff and finely chopped wet walnuts.  I would never have thought it, but this is the best topping combo. Served in a little metal dish with thick schlag and a cherry on top, this is the perfect treat. Much like my last post on Peanut Butter & Co., Eddie’s Sweet Shop is a great treat for both kids and adults. It is definitely worth a trip out to Forest Hills for nostalgia and a sundae.