There are so many fascinating neighborhoods in the 5 boroughs, that even after more than a decade and a half of residing here, I am still learning about new ones. So many have changed in that time, and most for the better, from a culinary perspective. Two years ago I was not aware that Ditmas Park existed. But like so many Brooklyn hoods, it is now popping up in restaurant reviews, real estate ads, and word-of-mouth all over the city. In my two visits to Ditmas Park, I have marveled at the huge free-standing one hundred year old houses on gorgeous tree-lined blocks, complete with yard sales and children playing in the streets. It’s a little slice of suburbia transplanted to the middle of Brooklyn. Two blocks over the streets lined with dollar stores, checking cashers, and bodegas accepting food stamps. Like much of Brooklyn, this neighborhood appears to be fighting an internal struggle for its identity.

The Farm on Adderley
1108 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

The Farm on Adderley does not have this struggle. As one of the most well-known eateries in the area, it is firmly planted on the hipster-friendly side of town, and has been a favorite here since 2006. As the farm name suggests, it is dedicated to quality seasonal ingredients, and has a nice outdoor space. Naturally, it does a booming brunch business. On a recent visit we enjoyed the Adult Grilled Cheese ($9) of cheddar, apple, caramelized onion, on multigrain. It is a simple, but delicious combo. Spend a few bucks more for the excellent Red Flannel Hash ($12) of red potatoes, corned beef & red beets, sunnyside egg, beet mustard, and salad. While red flannel hash is a breakfast staple in New England, it is unique in these parts. Corned beef and potatoes are a natural combo, but the beets and beet mustard provide a more layered flavor profile, brought together with the runny egg.

Between the garden patio and menu at The Farm, and the amazing architecture of the surrounding blocks, Ditmas Park is worth exploring for an afternoon. Broaden your horizons and push into new neighborhoods, at least you will find good eats.