Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Fulton Ferry Pier, Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is more than just a tiny building, it’s an ice cream landmark, a destination at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. This converted fireboat house produces only 8 or 9 varieties of ice cream for cones, cups and sundaes. Their motto is “only the finest and purest natural ingredients”, and the quality shows. Our favorite on a hot summer day is the peaches & cream, with little flecks of real peaches.

Visiting the “Factory” is more than just eating your scoop of ice cream, it is the childhood nostalgia of the old fashioned ice cream shop, where you wait in line for a cone or banana split. It is the iconic Brooklyn Bridge that looms overhead, the southern Manhattan skyline in the distance, and the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park and pier. Some may argue that hot dogs and apple pie are the culinary symbols of Americana, but it is really ice cream. After all, it’s a favorite for all ages, it’s super sweet, comes in an infinite number of flavors and forms, and is delivered to every park, pool, and beach with its own vehicle. What is more American than that? So, this Independence Day, get to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge by foot, bike, subway or ferry and enjoy an old fashioned treat, it’s your patriotic duty!