Yes, this title does exist and it is one amazing treat. Plus, it is made from gourmet, local ingredients and is only $4. Where can you get this at once, you ask?

Puddin’ by Clio
102 St. Mark’s (A/1), East Village

Puddin’ is a tiny shop is making a name for itself with its super high-quality puddings created by skilled owner Clio. There are the usual puddings, such as chocolate, butterscotch, and rice, along with signatures like Banana Cream Dream and Coconut Cruise, but when I stopped by this afternoon, I couldn’t resist the ice cold puddin’ pops on an 80 degree afternoon. I chose the Cookies & Cream and Spud tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, and both were incredible! There were big chunks of cookies in my half-dipped pop and silky smooth ribbons of fudge and peanut butter in hers. These decadent treats are going to be a huge hit this summer. Eat your heart out Bill Cosby, these ain’t your Jell-o Pops!

P.S. Crif Dogs is right down the block and would make a delicious pairing.