Chimney Cake
50-10 Jackson Ave, Long Island City

Just when I thought I had seen nearly every culinary creation NYC has to offer, last weekend I stumbled into a storefront devoted to baking and selling chimney cakes. Yeah, this was a new one for me too. Chimney cake is apparently a traditional wedding pastry that has made by Hungarian grandmothers in Transylvania for hundreds of years. While I doubt Dunkin’ Donuts is intimidated, this tasty cake and a cup of coffee make for a satisfying breakfast or snack. It is more substantial than a croissant, less doughy than a bagel, and similar in taste to brioche. The cylindrical shape of the crusty exterior unravels in a spiral to reveal a 1/4 inch layer of dough in the interior that is akin to a popover, but thicker. It is baked by wrapping the dough around a wooden log, rolling it in sugar and trusting it into the fire. There are many dusted flavors, including chocolate, cinnamon, almond, sesame and ginger. The menu also offers savory chimney cakes and a few other items. These cakes are made with love from owners who believe in their product. And for $4 each, they are a great bargain that you can unravel all morning long…