Wafels & Dinges Truck
31st Street and Ditmars, Astoria
Locations vary

BIG NEWS: One of the best and most popular food trucks in NYC, Wafels & Dinges, has come to Astoria! It’s a neighborhood first, and yes, it is only on Sundays, but based on today’s crowd, it won’t be long before others follow its lead.

This awesome truck has been a favorite for a for years. I almost always get the liege, a soft and chewy waffle, with the speculoos sauce ($5), served warm. Speculoos is a type of biscuit I believe, but the sauce is similar in consistency to Nutella, but with a less nutty flavor. I crave it all the time, and now I can get it without crossing the river! I would love to try some of their savory concoctions as well: bbq pulled pork wafel and bacon-syrup wafel. Those salty-sweet combos must be delicious. Besides the great waffles, the staff is outgoing, friendly, and obviously enjoys their jobs. It’s really nice to see, especially in a location so close to me. Check their site for other locations and carts around NYC.