With summer right around the corner (and what felt like summer last week), it is not too early to start dreaming of warm weather favorites like fish tacos. Until a few years ago, I was never a fan of fish and seafood tacos, I thought they were bland, limp, and ultimately unsatisfying. But I have had a few great shrimp tacos (my reviews of Pinche Taqueria and Cafe al Portal) and I can officially say, with a few new fast food taco joints opening, quality fish tacos are a definite craving. It makes sense, they are quick, cheap, flavorful, a moderately guilt free. Here’s the info on one new joint…

Dorado Tacos
28 East 12th Street (near University), Greenwich Village

Dorado Tacos is a new tiny storefront branch of a Boston chain with a couple of small tables, specializing in fish and seafood tacos. The tacos are ordered individually, wrapped (as they should be) in double corn tortillas. We tried the grilled fish ($3.25) which is a
grilled seasonal catch (we had tuna) with cabbage, crema, tomatilla & avocado salsa. The tuna was tasty and the condiments added a lot of flavor, as they should for a basic grilled fish taco. The shrimp taco ($3.25) was tastier, of course, because it was beer battered chipotle shrimp, along with jicama, crema and pineapple salsa. But both were great for a quick snack or add a quality Doado Chopped Salad ($6.95) of romaine, green cabbage, jicama, tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions and watermelon with citrus & chipotle dressing & queso fresco for a complete, healthy meal. Not to paraphrase from Taco Bell, but thinking outside the bun is a great option, especially in the warmer weather.