The Good Steer
Lake Grove, Long Island

Are we in Oklahoma or Montana? Nope, right in the NYC suburbs, among the malls, The Good Steer has been churning out solid grub since 1957. I have been to the Midwest and down South and this place could fit in anywhere – anywhere except the New York metropolitan area that is. But The Good Steer works here too, because most people enjoy a big, family-friendly atmosphere, large portions, and lots of meat. To be in business for 55 years, this family owned favorite must be doing something right. Spud’s family has been coming here for maybe half that long, and even though they are not weekly regulars anymore, they are still recognized and hugged at the door. It’s that kind of place.

Now, I am aware that this is my third consecutive burger post, and I do recommend the delicious “shroomaroomaroom burger” on an English muffin with “Cheese Dream” sauce, but the big (Texas sized) star here is their famous French fried onion rings. The menu boasts that 3,000 pounds of Spanish onions are used weekly to make these delicious ring piles. That’s a lot of onions! If you are in the neighborhood, perhaps shopping at the mall or visiting a nearby beach, mosey on in to The Good Steer and order yourself a big plate of meat and rings, you won’t even need to wear your cowboy hat and spurs.