Exactly one year ago, I wrote a review titled “Socially Confused” that slammed the recently opened Social Eatz. I was pretty harsh in judging its name, concept, location and food (see review), so to be fair, I wanted to give it another shot, plus I wasn’t picking up the check, and free food always tastes better (Thanks Neil!).

Social Eatz
232 East 53rd (2nd/3rd), Midtown East

This time I was not messing around with “app’z” and went straight for the burger. A year ago, I remembered the bibimbap burger looking great, but mistakenly got the disappointing bulgogi burger. My hunch was correct, the signature bibimbap burger was amazing! It’s Korean style ground beef with a slow cooked egg, covered in lettuce and served with pickled carrot and cucumber. It’s $12, which is a splurge for WeCouldEat, but I am sure it’s the best item on the menu and all this flavor is worth the extra 2 bucks. Plus, it comes with a side of spicy kimchi. If you don’t believe me, it did also win Eater.com’s Greatest Burger in America competition! In my last review, of Corner Bistro, I said that nothing beats a classic burger, but the problem in this city is that almost every bite you taste can just be phenomenal. I’m not sure that the bibimbap burger is the best in the whole United States, but it is a unique and tasty burger, and Top Chef Angelo has redeemed himself in my eyes (and belly). I recant my earlier review, it is worth stopping by Social Eatz next time you are in Midtown East.