248 Mulberry (Prince), Soho

Parm is the new offshoot of the white hot Torrisi Italian Specialties next door. While people start lining up at 4:30 to get a table for Torrisi’s $60/$120 prix fixe menus, we only had to wait about 20 minutes for a great meal at a fraction of the price. What I love about Parm is that it delivers on the food that you actually want to eat, and offers much better versions than you would get other places. We started with a standard Italian “Sunday” salad ($6) and the roasted cauliflower ($5) and moved on to two excellent classics. The meatball parm (or any of the 7 sandwich choices) can be served on the option of  roll ($9) / hero ($12) / platter ($15). We chose the platter which came with ziti topped with meat sauce and were very pleased with it. I had heard that the turkey was amazing, but was very skeptical, because seriously, it’s turkey. But the hero was beyond a regular turkey sub, the meat must have been well brined because it was tender and flavorful and perfectly dressed. They are serious about desserts here too. The homemade ice cream cake is fantastic and basically what everyone really wants on their birthday. The pistachio, strawberry and chocolate combo with chocolate crunchies is a definite classic. This place with its ’50’s decor is just fun and satisfying, without much pretention and I have a feeling that anything on the menu is just really good.