Gefilte Fish, Pickled Herring, Chopped Liver… you won’t find these items on any downtown lounge menus. For some reason they are never profiled on Giada in Paradise. In fact, those three signature Jewish items tormented my childhood so much, that I am still reluctant to order them. But leave it to the new Kutcher’s Tribeca to put the sexy in Jewish food, where is certainly never was before.

Kutcher’s Tribeca
186 Franklin Street, Tribeca

Kutcher’s Tribeca is owned by acclaimed restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow (Fatty Crab) and the son of the famous Kutcher’s resort in the Catskills, which is the perfect partnership to pull off this winner. While this hot Tribeca place doesn’t really belong on a cheap eats site, there are two standout items that do. The Mrs. K’s Matzo Ball Soup with homemade egg noodles, carrots, celery, chives and dill is $10 at lunch and is a big bowl of love. It’s arguably the best in the city. Fast forward to dessert and the Rainbow Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae with vanilla ice cream and marshmallow fluff ($10) straddles the line between kid and grown-up dessert and is really a great treat. We haven’t tried the Black & White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich ($9), but it sounds pretty damn good. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, the deli meats, including the amazing duck pastrami, are excellent, as I am sure the latkes and duck schmaltz fries must be. While I love a traditional Jewish deli, Kutcher’s has made me more excited about eating the cuisine of my culture, than any relative ever could have.

P.S. Kutcher’s really should be a supper club because the people watching is the real entertainment here. Before 8 pm the patrons resemble the bridge room at the 92ndStY, afterwards, it’s all young JDaters. Fantastic!