Yes, it is Friday, but I am still on “Dominican Time”, so I can be a little late. Spud and  I had an amazing time in Santo Domingo at the wedding of our friends Pam & Jose. We had some incredible, authentic food like tamales, chicken & rice, and a whole pig(!), but a wedding buffet doesn’t qualify as “cheap eats”. The best $10 or less meal we devoured was fish and tostones on the local beach at sunset. The whole fish was prepared simply, fried with some garlic and olive oil, and it was delicious. It was probably caught just minutes before. The fried plantains were just lightly salted and the perfect complement to the fish.

Our second best cheap eats meal was from an awesome sandwich shop in Santo Domingo called Barra Payan. This place is a local favorite for grabbing some grub post-drinking. The counter wraps around half the room and the action is in the center with sandwich makers tossing rolls and trying to keep up with the frantic orders. We enjoyed the chicken completo and the pork with Danish cheese, which had green tomatos, a nice substitution for tomatoes and pickles. The exotic fresh fruit milkshakes are also off the hook!

If you are ever in the neighborhood…