John Brown Smokehouse
25-08 37th Ave Long Island City

John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City. Their tagline is “serious barbecue” and it shows in many ways. This hole-in-the-wall is really in the middle of nowhere in an industrial area of northern LIC between an auto body shop and a fenced in parking lot. But, believe me, it is well worth the trek for some of the best barbecue in all of New York City. Their $8 pulled pork sandwich was pilled high with succulent chunks of smoked pork to which I added the housemade ghost pepper sauce for a perfect kick. The round roll wasn’t soggy and held up very well. Spud and I also shared a $12 platter of their signature burnt ends with excellent vinegar-based cole slaw and 2 slices of thick white bread to sopp it all up. We could barely finish our lunch and only spent $10 each. There is no other place in NYC with this exceptional quality and extremely low prices. This place is authentic, which means it’s not the slick decor and fancy flavored BBQ that you might find in Williamsburg. When they run out of meat for the day, that’s when they close. John Brown Smokehouse is my first exciting find of 2012. It is exceptional and I can’t wait to return for more. If you don’t trust me,  the New York Times review is excellent, and it’s even included in their top 10 list of their best inexpensive restaurants of 2011.