Want to piss off a Philly sports fan this weekend? Yeah, you do. Eat a quality version of their beloved cheesesteaks at Shorty’s while you watch the New York Giants in the playoffs!

66 Madison Ave (27/28)
576 9th Ave (41/42)

Even though Shorty’s is a pro-Philly sports bar, it’s still a fun place to watch a game, have some drinks, and eat some of the best cheesesteaks in NYC. The Gramercy location is a big step up from your typical sports bar, with a classier atmosphere, more professional patrons, and quality food and drinks. The cheesesteaks are a big step up too, mostly due to the bread, which is shipped as dough from Philly and baked on the premises . It definitely makes a difference in the authentic taste and flavor of the sandwiches (hoagies). We tried the veggie with hot peppers, broccoli rabe, and fried onions ($9) and the chicken cheesesteak with cheese wiz ($9). They were both much better than typical sports bar grub and the veggie had really bold flavor. So, if you are looking for a place to watch the games this weekend, Shorty’s is a satisfying choice for a real cheesesteak without leaving town.