Waldy’s Wood-Fired Pizza and Penne
800 6th Avenue (27/28)

It’s easy to walk by Waldy’s small storefront and regard it is as just another place to consume pizza in Manhattan. With much of the cheap eats landscape focused on trucks, burgers and sandwiches, it is easy to forget that pizza is still this city’s most ubiquitous fast food. And while there are a zillion Ray’s and $1 slices, there are not many options for pizza with quality topping that is still affordable. Waldy’s fills that niche between the low end and the top notch places like Keste and Company. Founder Waldy Malouf, the chef at Beacon, a high-end restaurant on West 56th street, opened Waldy’s 5 years ago. You order at the counter and the super-thin crust wood fired pies are brought to your table just a few minutes later. The high-concept toppings and low-priced pizzas enable Waldy’s to stand out in the competitive market. We recently enjoyed two pizzas here: peperoni, broccoli rabe and tomatoes ($8) and daily special butternut squash, sun dried tomatoes and onions ($7.25). Other exciting combos includes: braised lamb, roasted lemon and oregano, and clams with garlic, crumbs, and ricotta white pizza. Of course you could always find a $1 slice of cardboard with plastic-like cheese…