rice pudding - possibly the worst food to photograph

*** I originally posted this review in 2008, but we recently revisited Rice to Riches and it still holds up. While it’s easy to forget about this unique dessert spot, it may be worth a repeat visit. ***

I am usually not a big fan those small storefronts that only sell one item in many varieties. They are good in theory: “Wow, a place that only sells peanuts (or hot dogs or cheesesteaks)!” I am calling them One Trick Ponies until I can think of a better name. Usually the item they make is good, but not good enough to make me a frequent customer. But of course a OTP that makes a sweet treat is something special. Even after you have already had a meal, there is always room for dessert. That’s the main reason for why Rice to Riches has been so successful. The other is that they have not franchised, there is only one location. Whenever I am around Spring Street, no matter what I am doing or whom I am with, rice pudding is always on the menu.

Rice to Riches
37 Spring Street (Mott/Mulberry), NYC

The decor has a definite metallic space-age feel. As you enter you see the sprawling counter of 20 or so pudding varieties. This could be a glimpse of a distant future where all foods come in sweet pudding form. Most of the fun is deciding what flavors and size vat of pudding to consume (Best deal: 2 flavors for $8.50). Category 5 Caramel? Stubborn Banana? Don Cappaccino? Sex Drugs and Rocky Road? It’s difficult. The pudding is delicious, although not cheap. I think most of the inflated prices are due to the non-recyclable thick plastic containers and dishes. It is unconscionable that they use such wasteful packaging. I took mine home and use it as a sugar bowl, but most people won’t. I do love the thick gooey pudding. I believe it is a perfect anytime food. You have to love NYC, a place where a rice pudding only eatery can be a gold mine.