Baked Oatmeal

Maureen’s Kitchen
Smithtown, NY

Today we are in Long Island for one of our breakfast favorites, the fantastic baked oatmeal ($6.95) at Maureen’s Kitchen.  I despised oatmeal as a child and can take it or leave it as an adult, but this dish is beyond oatmeal. The recipe is top secret and many have unsuccessfully tried to duplicate it. It’s a very fine oatmeal, almost like a Cream of Wheat, combined with apples, dried fruit, nuts, and baked until it is hot and crispy, much like a bread pudding. You pour the warmed milk over top for an extremely comforting morning dish. Maureen’s is also well-known for their unique pancakes, French toast, and egg creations. Everything is good here, so expect long waits, as it is one of Long Island’s favorite brunch spots.