Highland Park Diner
Rochester, NY

Maine is known for its lobsters, New York for its strip steaks, and Rochester, NY: The Garbage Plate. The Garbage Plate was trademarked by its originators, Nick Tahoe Hots, which is apparently the place to get this upstate delicacy, dating back to 1918. But having little time in the city (and a sizable hangover) we decided to try the Highland Park Diner’s “Diner Plate” ($7.95). A garbage plate usually has a cheeseburger or two hotdogs or possibly eggs, ham or grilled cheese topped with fries, maybe some macaroni salad, possibly some mustard, onions and hot sauce. Our version was pretty tame, with a burger, some chopped beef, fries and macaroni salad. While I won’t be driving 6 hours upstate just to eat it, it wasn’t bad and the diner is very good. Check out a clip from Unwrapped on Nick Tahoe’s and the Garbage Plate.