Malu Homemade Ice Cream and Chocolates
12-09 Jackson Ave, LIC

It was love at first bite yesterday, at this incredible new ice cream shop in Long Island City. I had a pumpkin pie ice cream sandwich with 2 homemade cookies for $4! Spud had a scoop of almond and a scoop of blueberry graham cracker on a waffle cone and everything was incredible. Malu offers many flavors, some that were new to me, like maple bacon and pink velvet (with red velvet cake), and many are based on local ingredients. The owners should know, because they are a couple who lives 2 blocks away, went to *ice cream university*, and a chose the name Malu as a combination of their sons’ names. The shop really makes you feel like a kid in a candy store with ice cream, chocolates, and confections everywhere. It’s obviously a labor of love. You know WeCouldEat supports that!

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