Artichoke Pizza

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
114 10th Ave (17th St), Chelsea also 328 E 14th & 111 MacDougal

I have reviewed and praised Artichoke Pizza’s namesake slice, and it has been a huge hit, but it is no longer my favorite slice at Artichoke. Yup, I dare say that there’s a better slice than the one topped with artichokes, spinach, cream and cheese. While it is already an NYC classic, I actually like the Staten Island Pie better. It is homemade meatballs, with thick cooked sauce, red onions and ricotta cheese. It tastes like the sauce has been simmering all day, and mixed with the quality meatballs and thick but crispy crust, it is just perfection. Think of meatballs and spaghetti texture and flavors transfered to pizza crust. But luckily, you don’t have to choose between these two winners and can have both kinds (and salad) for $9 each.

Here’s how: The Chelsea location is a throwback with Kennedy and Sinatra on the walls in a clean white tiled, inviting setting. Bring three friends and order an Artichoke wedge ($12), a Staten Island wedge ($12) and a huge salad served in a pizza box, with quality cheeses, olives, tomatoes, onions and greens ($12). It is plenty of food. Or just grab a slice and take it up on the Highline across the street. You won’t be sorry.