While I was tempted to repeat the delicious delicacies from Round 1, there are just too many options here. Spud and I had big discussions about this foodie food court and settled on a great porchetta sandwich ($9) from Piccolo’s Cafe with a nice hunk of pork, arugula, mozzarella, carmelized onions and a sweet and spicy aioli. Next was a heaping, messy, bold and tangy pork bun (2 for $6) from Fatty Snack. The final savories were from Asiadog: Sidney ($5)- Thai style
relish with mango, cucumber, red onion, crushed peanuts and Mel & Steve ($4.50)- Asian slaw with sesame seeds. Both were good, but not as bold in flavors as the earlier dishes. I will try Asiadog again, because it is supposed to be amazing. On to dessert, with 6 tiny, delicious donuts ($2!) from Cuzin’s Duzin and an excellent Wancko’s cookie ($3) of peanut butter, chocolate chips and pretzel chunks from Sigmund’s. This was another successful adventure at Mad Sq Eats.