B & W Bakery
614 Main St, Hackensack, NJ

B & W Bakery has, without a doubt, the best crumb cake I have ever had. This isn’t just my opinion, reviewers on Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Roadfood are nearly unanimous about the pride of this institution for over 25 years. Jersey has great blue collar food: pizza, subs, hot dogs, diner grub, and yes, crumb cake. You can enjoy fancy croissants and scones, but this crumb cake really satisfies. When I visited, I mistakenly asked for 2 pieces, and was met with 2 massive 10 inch square slabs of crumb cake! I didn’t realize that one piece actually serves about 8 people! Besides the quantity, the cake is moist, doughy and sweet, and loaded with crumbs. Grab a large coffee and feast on this breakfast treat. It’s only 20 minutes from Midtown.