Num Pang Sandwich Shop
21 East 12th St. / 140 East 41st St

Peaches are definitely a symbol of summer to me, and along with watermelon and nectarines, are my favorite summer fruit. So when I read about a grilled peach, Asian-flavored sandwich ($8), I hopped on my bike and road straight to Num Pang’s new outpost in Midtown. The sandwich was delicious! The sweet peaches calmed the jalapenos and cilantro, and the baguette was perfection, as it should, because Num Pang means “bread” or “sandwich”, according to the their website. The ginger barbecue brisket ($8) was also quite good. Unfortunately, the grilled peach sandwich ended with summer, but look for other menu items like boneless spare ribs, Brooklyn bangers, Japanese yam, and even grilled Spanish mackerel with leeks. This place is a definite winner and better than a lot of the subpar banh mi’s that keep popping up.