120 Hudson Street, Tribeca

The way I feel about Bubby’s is akin to a grandmother’s love for her grandchild. Bubby’s can do no wrong and I really love everything about it. It is now over 20 years old and has done an excellent job of adapting to the vast changes in Tribeca and has only improved as it has grown. What started out as a pioneering pie shop is now a neighborhood legend and brunch destination. I love the hominess and subtle kitch of the big cow outside, the wooden decor and even the classic working photobooth by the restrooms. What a great idea in these uber techy times! I also love the versatility of the menus that offer exceptional pie, quality pit barbecue AND dynamite local vegetables. It is quality comfort food that you don’t feel guilty about. Bubby’s is the full package!

And since everyone knows it, the brunch lines are ludicrous, so we usually come for dinner. We’ve had two dinners here recently and all the dishes have been excellent. We had the deviled eggs and pimento cheese sandwich, the crispy artichokes, the roasted chicken, mac ‘n cheese, collards, and the giant vegetable plate, which was above and beyond any I have ever had. And let us not forget the fantastic smooth and silky peanut butter pie. It really is true love here and I can’t wait to visit my Bubby real soon…