Hungarian Pastry Shop
1030 Amsterdam Ave at 111 St, Upper West Side

I am sure that I can’t write anything original about the Morningside Heights landmark Hungarian Pastry Shop, but if you don’t know the hood, you should be aware of this bakery. I don’t know how long it has been in existence, although it must be at least 60 years, and it definitely has that old world, kinda-seedy-in-a-good-way NYC feel. It’s a Columbia U hangout and its tables have experienced hundreds of thousands term papers, intellectual conversations, and Sunday Times. It’s always packed, but still chill. The Hungarian name only shows up in its baked goods selections. My favorite is the classic strudel, particularly cherry, but the apple and other flavors are all good. The baklava also gets high marks. There is nothing fancy here, mostly good cookies and pastries, and the coffee is average, but the classic vibe is worth the trip. There are just not many of these places left anymore. Plus, St, John’s the Divine across the street adds a bonus cultural destination when you finish your strudel.