Queens Comfort
40-09 30th Avenue, Astoria

Astoria can’t seem to stop opening cool and exciting new eateries. It seems like there has been one per week lately, that I can’t wait to try: The Astor Room, Pachanga Patterson, Linn (Home-style Japanese) and now Queens Comfort. Watch out Brooklyn, Astoria isn’t just known for its Greek and Italian food anymore, it’s definitely a contender for best food neighborhood. Yup, I said it.

So, what’s the deal at Queens Comfort, you ask? Well its concept appears to be American down-home comfort food, with a changing menu and a very casual vibe. This place wasn’t opened by a restaurateur, it uses jelly jars for water glasses, mismatched coffee mugs, and a blogspot website that a 9 year old could have designed. So, it’s more like a Williamsburg hangout, and that goes for the food too, but in a good way.

There is Stumptown coffee in those mismatched mugs, which is the trendy java of the moment. The brunch menu looked amazing, with so many great choices, however when we visited, they were out of about half of them, 4 out of 8, which was a bummer, but acceptable for a brand new eatery that hasn’t had its grand opening yet. At least you know the ingredients they did have were fresh. We tried the fried green tomato sandwich on country white. It was very good, and the tomatoes were fried perfectly, adding a nice juiciness. We had the goat cheese left off, because we despise it in general, although I am sure it would have added some needed creaminess, if you are into that vile ubiquitous stuff. We also tried the maple-glazed skillet fried chicken on a biscuit. It was a solid piece of breast meat, fried well and crispy, with a salty sweet flavor from the maple. The one negative was the biscuit, which was a little dry and maybe needed a flavor of its own. Also, I think it was supposed to arrive with a signature hot pepper jelly, which would have been a game changer, but it didn’t.

I think Queens Comfort could be something really special. Its decor and feel are similar to a less-refined Peels on Bowery, and with a lot of work it could approach a top Williamsburg joint like Egg, or at least a Queens version. I will definitely keep a close watch to see if the potential develops here. Of course the minute it gets over-run with hipsters in Civil War jackets and mustaches, I will be running back to Neptune Diner for my Greek omelette!