135 N 5th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Isn’t it just amazing when a popular place lives up to its hype? Egg has been near the top of my list of brunch places to try for about a year, and finally Spud and I got out of bed on a Sunday, got to Williamsburg early, and only had to wait for 30 minutes for a table at egg. The wait for kind of fun, with all the men in ultra-skinny jeans, and women in ripped tights – who probably woke up much earlier than us to get the proper shabby-chic look. On to the food!

Every mouthful was really just excellent. It started with the 2-cup French press coffee at the table. I’m not particular about my java, but this was gooood, especially since it was accompanied by little biscuits. Spud was in heaven – she loves her free starters. We shared the homemade chorizo and over-easy eggs with salsa verde, pickled jalapenos, and toast; and country ham on a biscuit with homemade fig jam, Grafton cheddar, and a side of grits. Every bite of both dishes was bursting with flavor: smokey chorizo, the egg perfection, the flaky yet chewy biscuit, the ham, the Grafton cheddar, oh the Grafton cheddar and the ridiculously creamy grits. There was not even an average mouthful the whole morning. This place has top-notch ingredients that are showcased in its preparations. We actually had this brunch weeks ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I can still taste all those flavors…is it getting hot in here…???

goldenbonzone Yes, it gets a Golden Bonzone.