40th and Madison, Midtown East

I like the motto of 4food: de-junking fast food. It is certainly not a new idea, but one of many burger places in NYC with fresh ingredients, no fillers, artificial ingredients, freezers, etc. Goodburger, Five Guys, Bareburger, and Blue 9 all do this. What separates 4Food is their idea of re-imagining the burger, and their high tech feel. 4Food makes burger rings of beef, pork, turkey, salmon, egg, etc, that has its middle filled with everything from mac & cheese to kimchi. It makes for a really fun idea, but not necessarily a great burger. We went healthy, which has probably a mistake and had an egg burger with chorizo hash, which was tasty, but small and better for breakfast, not dinner, and a side of coconut rice. We also ordered a veggie burger with spinach and pine nuts or something, and salad. It was too healthy to judge this place, and I take full responsibility for that. And while it is cool that you completely customize your burger, from bun to topping to condiments, with thousands of combinations, the choices can be a quite overwhelming, especially for a first timer.

The tech side of 4food is pretty cool though. It has ipads for customers to use while they are waiting for orders. It has a floor to ceiling lcd with images and tweets from the 4Food website. Its style is futuristic and would probably be a good fit a few avenues west in Times Square. So is 4Food more style than substance? Yup. Will I go back and try it again and is it not the worst option in Midtown? Yup to both. It isn’t very filling and is overpriced, but that’s most of Midtown. But compared to standard fast food options – including delis and such – it is more fun, healthier, and probably the same price. Plus, you can’t stop the future…