Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
328 East 14th St (1st/2nd), East Village

Artchoke’s pizza is a guilty pleasure and definite craving for both Spud and me. I crave pizza all the time, but Spud less so, although quality isn’t as important to her. She even craves Elio’s frozen. But Artichoke’s signature pizza is like nothing we have ever tried before. It is white pizza topped with a creamy artichoke dip, like you would find on a list of Applebee’s apps. It may sound gross, but it’s a really amazing, ingenious idea. The flavor and texture of the mixture complement the sturdy crust perfectly. The slices are huge and filling, and one is usually enough. They also have a margarita slice and a crab slice, which I’ve heard are also quite tasty, but I doubt that I will ever order anything besides the amazing namesake. The take-out only East 14th location is open late, which works well after going to one or more of the many bars in the hood. They have a new full-service eatery on 10th avenue under the Highline, which I want to check out, and also a new take-out place near Washington Square Park. This isn’t an old school NYC pizzeria, it’s young co-owners are have something special here and know what their customers desire.