MexiQ Kitchen and Draught
37-11 30th Ave, Astoria

Just from hearing the name, I had some doubts about MexiQ, but it turns out to be a good find. Mexican and BBQ, two comfort food giants, do have a lot in common. They both rely on bold flavors and sauces, both concentrate on pork and chicken, and both go exceedingly well with beer. The owners are certainly aware of that last point and devote one side of the eatery to a large bar. Even with waterfalls and windows of fire (seriously), this place is still warm and inviting. We were very comfortable at brunch in a big booth. We ordered the chicken quesadilla and the omelette with corn, a Mexican type mushroom, cheese and potatoes. Both were solid items, but not very memorable. MexiQ is obviously about contrived “fusion” versions of food people like to eat. Nothing here is authentic and remarkable, but I imagine that it is a good place to hang with friends, watch some games and eat something else besides wings and potato skins. For an extra $7 with brunch they have an *unlimited* beer special. So I think despite its faults, MexiQ knows its clientele and on 30th Ave right below Steinway, it will do well.