9 9th Avenue at Little West 12th Street, Meatpacking District

Pastis has been around since 1999 and has definitely been made famous by the fact that the “Sex and the City” women would often frequent here on the show, sitting on it’s plentiful sun-soaked sidewalk, enjoying lots of frites (cause you know those figures that they have were definitely made by eating lots of fried foods….harumph!). So, it was on one of these beautiful Summery days we’ve been having lately, that the hubs and I walked around the High Line and then decided to have an early dinner. Pastis is not cheap, but if you want to feel like you are in Paris, it’s a wonderful experience.
We sat for two beautiful hours dining on simple arugula salads with nice shavings of parmesan cheese. We then enjoyed really rich Croque Madame’s and Croque Monsieur’s . A simple order like this will run you about $25 per person, without any wine, but you cannot beat sitting in the sun, watching all of the beautiful people walk by. The food is good….the sandwiches were far more rich than anything we had in France, but they were tasty, with large, buttery slices of brioche covered in a thick slice of ham, slathered in rich bechamel sauce and gruyere cheese and then baked in the oven until they are browned and toasty. You really can’t go wrong with a sandwich like that! The service was great; they refilled the water glasses constantly….they were almost too attentive (afterall, when you’re in France, they let you sit forever without waiting for you to be done)….and I was only slightly bothered when a pretty little waitress waited over me because I had a few slender pieces of arugula left on my plate….hustle along, pretty one….this gal is a finisher and those leaves were headin’ towards my tummy!
Overall, I would not run here all the time, but it’s a great place to enjoy decent French food in a beautiful setting. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll hear some puns about weight-loss and love and hormones floating from the “Sex and the City” wannabe’s at the table next to you!