Burgers & Cupcakes
458 9th Avenue (35/36 Streets), Chelsea/Midtown West

I’ve been taking this improv class, which gets us into Chelsea on a regular basis. This has proven to be interesting when it comes to dining, and we’ve definitely had a difficult time finding wonderful cheap eats.
Burgers and Cupcakes has been on my list for years…..I guess it’s because of the simplicity of the name. I mean, who doesn’t love burgers and cupcakes??? And in the same meal? Even better.
The burger was okay….I think that everyone should order it medium-rare to rare, because we got it done medium and it was waaayyyy over-cooked. It was advertised as coming with tomato, lettuce, onions and pickle. We assumed this meant on the burger, but then it was strangely served with a pickle spear on the side. Hey man, what if I want pickle on the burger?? We tried to cut it and place it on the burger, but this just turned out messy. The bun was nice and soft, but the meat itself was lacking flavor. We tried their sweet potato fries, which were smaller than shoe strings and really, really, fried. They were okay as well.
We also ordered a pizza. What’s this?? Pizza at a burger place? Yeah, well, it was pretty good. They have a wood burning stove in the shop and the pizza had a nice charred flavor. We got prosciutto and arugula on it…..the meat could have definitely been sliced a little more thinly. Then it would have crisped up nicely.
The best part of the meal came with dessert. They have two sizes up cupcakes….really, really tiny ones ( I wouldn’t recommend those because they dry out faster….even if there are two of you, get a larger cupcake and split it), and then larger ones. We tried the peanut butter, chocolate cupcake. It was fantastic! There was real peanut butter on top of a chocolate ganache frosting. It was wonderful and the deep chocolate cake was moist.
At the end of the day, this place was casual and easy to sit in….it’s got a nice diner-feel to it, but really, I would recommend getting a burger elsewhere and just coming here for a good cupcake when you’re jonesing for one.