These days, Astoria really has it all: great food, diverse cultures, and even multiple beer gardens. Of course there are many reasons to leave here – like um, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the planet. But if you are an Astorian, go get yourself a Why Leave Astoria? Card. For only $20 you get major discounts at dozens of cool stores and eateries in the hood. For instance, see the pic below. That’s the FREE dessert we devoured at one of our favorites places, Ovelia (see review). It has an amazing brunch with stuffed french toast, corn pancakes, and amazing sandwiches, plus spicy bloody marys for only like $13. We like it more and more each time we visit. Now, this free bowl of piping-hot Greek donuts topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup has really put Ovelia over the top as a true destination in our town. So get yourself a WLA card and go consume some free donuts or drinks!