A brief detour down the turnpike….

Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks

No the title is not an oxymoron, there are a few positive things about Philly: South Street is good times, parking is easier, people are more down-to-earth and cheesesteaks – the city’s wonderfully sloppy gift to the culinary world. This place has more joints vying for top cheesesteak, than Williamsburg has hipsters with mustaches. Now I am fully aware that neither Pat’s nor Geno’s offers truly the best quality “hoagie”, but for pure experience these battling old timers still are the places to go. Geno’s is all neon glass glitz (Apollo) and Pat’s is stark white and gruff (Rocky). So, of course the underdog wins, as all four of us preferred Pat’s because of the chopped beef and onions soaked in whiz. The texture and flavor were just better. Can’t wait for the sequel!