I have to admit that I am pretty good at finding restaurants that Spud and I really enjoy. It’s not that difficult in NYC where 9 out of 10 meals are going to range from average to awesome. But sometimes I connect to a place that will keep the wife happy for days. She’s not a picky eater, but gets very specific cravings that last several weeks. They have included avocados, hummus, duck, pickles, sun chips, etc. The current fixation is pancakes. So my brilliant idea was, instead of waiting for an hour and a half for an ultra-popular brunch spot, why not visit that same spot for dinner and get incredible pancakes in a serene environment? So that is exactly what we did at…

Clinton Street Baking Company
4 Clinton St (E. Houston/Stanton), LES

…and it was delicious! Clinton Street Baking Company is one of the most popular brunch destinations in the entire city. This little bakery & cafe has them lined up for their amazing baked goods and egg dishes. We just sauntered in (yes, we saunter!) at 7 pm on Friday night and enjoyed a heaping stack of their famous wild Maine blueberry pancakes. Their signature item is a pile of large fluffy discs cooked with so much butter, that the edges are slightly crispy. The blueberries from Maine make a difference and are super sweet. This ain’t no compote. We can honestly say they are the best we have ever consumed. We had complimentary doughy biscuits, and coffee to round out the brunch experience.

I couldn’t commit fully to brunch, so I had an excellent skirt steak with ramps and a fresh Asian flavor. What put the wife over-the-top with baked ecstasy was that the generous people of this fine establishment handed us an unassuming brown paper bag on the way out that contained a perfect breakfast in bed for the next morning. It was the surplus goods from the day what included an herb & cheese scone, cranberry scone and crumb muffin! If there is one thing Spud loves better than her cravings, it’s free baked goods! So, as she likes to say: “Hustle your buns people!” over to Clinton Street Baking Company. Whether it’s brunch, lunch, dinner or snack, you won’t be disappointed with this true winner.