Xie Xie
645A 9th Ave (45th), Midtown West

Xie Xie pronounced “shay-hay” is the word for thank you in Mandarin, which is fitting for this little sandwich shop that tries hard to nab some of the spotlight on a restaurant-packed stretch of 9th Ave. It does a pretty good job of it too. The environment is ultra-modern with stark white tables and stools, white and purple ceiling and wall slats and a hip Asian-style logo and website. The tiny menu contains 5 or 6 sandwiches with modern fusion combos like shredded braised chicken with egg salad, cilantro; Asian Lobster Roll with mayo, tarragon, crispy shallots; fish with onion jam sriracha mayonnaise, dill; and Vietnamese bbq beef, basil, mayo carrots, kimchee. We had the fish, which was tasty, but didn’t quite blow me away, and the bbq beef, which was amazing and I would definitely return for it. The salty beef was balanced nicely by crisp carrots and the tangy kimchee. It’s similar to a bahn mi, with a slightly different flavor profile and a big thick roll. Xie Xie’s dessert is quite interesting too. The 1000 Year Old Ice Cream Sandwich (see full review on our sister site Diner Cakes) is a little bit of a gimmick, since it is obviously much younger, but contains a molten caramel center that is said to resemble a 1000 year old egg. It’s a fun little dessert and a cool accompaniment to the spicy sandwiches. Check out Xie Xie, you’ll thank yourself!