Queen of Sheba
650 10th Ave (45/46), Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West

When it comes to Ethiopian cuisine, I am a complete novice. I have only had it twice in my life, separated by 8 years, so I really can’t judge good from poor. I only know that I enjoyed my experience at Queen of Sheba and have only heard good things about it, from native New Yorkers and Ethiopians alike. We ventured over to Sheba on 10th avenue with our friend Pam, and had a great communal experience. We shared lentil and meat sambousas (similar to South Asian samosas), which were hearty and doughy and served as a good base for our main platter, Sheba Vegetarian Mesob. This large platter of 7 meatless dishes contained collard greens, chick peas, lentils and a few other dishes we were unfamiliar with. The dishes were flavorful and spiced well. There are no utensils in Ethiopian cuisine – which is a positive in my book – and the eater scoops up the food with injera, a thin, spongy bread. It’s really a different experience and I’d recommend it to anyone as a safe culinary adventure.