Sage General Store
24-20 Jackson Ave, Long Island City

Sage General Store is a delightful little cafe/bakery that really understands itself and its customers. So many places try to be everything to everyone, but Sage has just a few tables of happy customers. The General Store moniker may be misleading, because it’s not a store, but offers breakfast, brunch and lunch menus with eggs, salads and sandwiches, and blue plate specials in a country store setting. It’s dual pride and joys are the delicious wood-fire organic sourdough pizzas and baked goods. The pizzas are only available on the weekends, but are reason enough to visit. The four of us split 3 pizzas and were very satisfied. We had the Wisconsin: Nueske’s bacon, caramelized onions & crème fraiche, New York: Crème fraiche & Smoked Salmon, and New Mexico: Ancho chile sauce, avocado, grilled chicken & jack cheese. The ingredients are top-notch and it shows. We also deeply enjoyed the decadent rocky road brownie and red velvet cupcakes. The Sage American Kitchen has been perfecting these recipes since 1997. These days everyone with a kitchen serves brunch, but Sage kicks it up a notch – for the same price – and offers a warm atmosphere and friendly service to boot. Plus, it’s worth coming out to LIC for because it’s 2 blocks from PS 1 Arts Museum and around the corner from this insane graffiti building. Check it out – you’ll be making a wise decision.