The Redhead
349 East 13th (1/2 ave), East Village
Solid down-home Southern classics in a funky East Village hood for reasonable prices is the hype surrounding The Redhead. Almost too good to be true, right? Well, sometimes ya gotta believe the hype. The Redhead is good. Their fried chicken is damn good. Their signature main is two mammoth pieces of amazing fried chicken along with cornbread and some simple spinach and apple salad, deliciously dressed. The chicken is so succulent and moist, it must have been brined for days, yet the coating was perfectly crisp. It’s rare to find excellent fried chicken, but this is the genuine article. We also dined on a bacon cheeseburger that was well dressed and well cooked, both bacon and beef, with a nice burger to bun ratio (quite essential). I had heard much about their bacon peanut brittle, which was a very good starter as well. It’s loose, coated peanuts with chunks of smokey bacon – which they also sell packaged to go. We actually visited on Halloween evening, which was fun and kind of chaotic, but I got the sense it normally gets pretty busy here, and there is a large bar which takes up about a third of the space. The servers are friendly East Village types. This place gets a Golden Bonzone for it’s down home cheap eats and I am looking forward to returning soon for their supposedly outstanding brunch. (Sorry, no Redhead pics)