24-01 29th Street, Astoria

This new storefront sandwich shop/cafe is a welcome addition to the 24th Avenue area, across from the Beer Garden. Even though Munch is brand new, it already has achieved an informal neighborhood feel. The employees and patrons seem to know everyone in the hood. While there is only a handful of seats inside, there is an outside table and bench, that they will happily add a table to for your convenience. The staff in general could not be any sweeter or more accommodating. While I agree with the Foodista’s review that the name is dirty sounding, at least they did not call it The Munch Box or something worse. Anyway, the food is quite good. On my first visit I enjoyed an iced coffee and the Elvis, which is PB & J, bananas and walnuts on grilled white bread, which tasted exactly like the bread in a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. There was also a bacon option that I declined. The Elvis was simultaneously warm and cool, sweet, soft and crunchy. It’s a bargain at $4. In fact the whole menu, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is amazingly priced at $5.50 or less! That includes eggs, salads, sandwiches, sliders, quesidillas, and much more. On my second visit I ordered a sandwich and salad to go. The sandwich was grilled chicken, avocado and cheese all melty on a long roll. It was simple and satisfying. The salad was mixed greens, walnuts, chicken, good cheddar cheese and balsamic dressing. A $12 salad in Manhattan, but only about $4-$5 at Munch. While there are many delis and cafes in the neighborhood, for price, quality, and friendliness, I will keep Munch in heavy rotation.