Petey’s Burger
30-17 30th Street, Astoria

Petey’s Burger is a brand new fast-food style burger place in Astoria. It’s got the bold polished interior, logo, and menu of a chain, but only operates this one location. Petey’s motto, “A Fresh Touch On An Old Favorite”, describes it’s dual personality. I imagine it has modeled itself on the popular West Coast chain In n’ Out burger with it’s small fresh menu where everything is made to order and there are no frozen ingredients. It somehow wants to be a chain of one, and provide all the taste and convenience of fast food, as well as be the local neighborhood burger joint. It doesn’t completely accomplish either, but does a decent job of hovering in the middle.
Everything we had was a big notch above fast food. The double cheeseburger was big and sloppy with quality meat and all the fixins, just the way you would want it. The fries were long and thin and deliciously crispy. Their patty melt, called Petey’s Melt, was a nicely done version of the classic. I didn’t get to try the shakes, but I heard they will do a tasty chocolate strawberry, even though it’s not on the menu.
Petey’s seems here to stay. It fills the same niche as a Goodburger or 5 Guys (although I haven’t been), for customers who won’t eat fast food and yet don’t want a sit down $12 burger at a restaurant. It won’t be the creative local hangout, but will solidly fill that primary craving for a burger, fries and a shake. WeCouldEat will be back soon – plus they deliver.