Greek Captain
32-10 36th Avenue, LIC

I’ve been passing the Greek Captain for years and it seemed more like the punchline to a joke, than a decent seafood restaurant. With the wooden hull jutting out of the facade and a captain, a la The Simpsons, I was more than a little skeptical until my buddy Chris starting raving about it. So finally we had to check this place out. The decor is really the best part about it. It is cheesy-nautical at its best and right out of Ocean City or somewhere else very far from Long Island City. The wait staff is no-frills Greek, the standard for the neighborhood. The food was pretty good, not amazing, but not bad either. Most of us got large orders of broiled pieces of fish or shrimp or fried fish and chips. It was tasty and cooked well, but somehow not exciting. Now Chris ordered the $30 Sea Captain Special with king crabs, jumbo shrimp, scallops, etc. Maybe that was the way to go. Either way, we had a great time and I’d go back for the cheesiness, and the decent lunch deals, but there are better Greek seafood options in the neighborhood.