Nobu Next Door
105 Hudson Street (Franklin)

The two month extended NYC Restaurant Week is now over, but before it ended, we were able to get in one AMAZING meal at Nobu Next Door. Now I have never been to Nobu, but was at Next Door over 10 years ago and have dreamed about the Miso Black Cod ever since. I can’t imagine Nobu is much different than Next Door since the menu and decor are very similar, and to eat a 3-course meal here for $35 is something special indeed. We arrived early, 6pm, so there were a few tables filled with kids, but well-healed Tribeca kids, used to weekday Nobu meals. The decor is dark and elegant, modern and serious, and so is the food.

The first course was crab meat tempura in broth with pickled jalapeno slices. It was fantastic as the coating melded with the meaty crab and bursted with flavor in the sweet, salty and spicy broth. The second course was Nobu’s signature dish, Miso Black
Cod. It is my favorite fish dish of all time, and somehow lived up to the hype in my head. The cod flakes with a fork and the flavor is unbelievably rich, which it should be, considering it has been marinated for three days. Many other eateries have imitated this dish, but no one I know of can equal it. Surprisingly, the dessert was not a let down, as it often can be in Asian restaurants. The mystery box turned out to be a delicious chocolate souffle with green tea ice cream. A perfect, decadent dessert to end a perfect meal. Restaurant Week is always a risky bet, but if Nobu Next Door appears again, do not hesitate. It is the best RW dinner we have ever had.

(We felt too intimidated to take photos, so your imagination will have to suffice.)