Mardi Gras
70-20 Austin St, Forest Hills, Queens

The second you walk into Mardi Gras in Forest Hills, you know that you are about to have a good time. There is loud Latin music playing, the tables are full and the crowds are drinking and having a great time. Latin music, you say? Why not New Orleans brass classics? Well, that’s because Mardis Gras has a very strong Latin influence. This restaurant is really not just strictly a New Orleans place, it is a Latin-Creole restaurant; which is quite cool.
We were a group of 6, so we shared some ceviche (some of the best I have ever had; it was served in a light tomato sauce with Peruvian corn….delicious!) and we had a special: Jambalaya Empanadas. That’s right…..deep fried empanadas stuffed with burn-your-mouth jambalaya that had large chunks of sausage and chicken in it. They were served with cool guacamole on the side. Overall, a perfect example of the type of fusion food you will find on their menu.
Everyone ordered something different; we tried the jambalaya, the cod, blackened, and served with sweet potato and fried yucca, a cool, refreshing shrimp salad, flank steak with jalapeno mashed potatoes and creole shrimp.
Everything was delicious and spicy…..the perfect amount of fire in each dish.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is fun and loud, which matches the food perfectly.
Definitely finish off your meal with the bananas foster…..but skip the sweet potato pecan pie, it was mostly just cooked sweet potatoes with a few carmalized pecans on top; not as decadent as I had hoped; but then again, I am a harsh dessert critic!
Thanks, Jim, for the great recommendation, “you spared no expense!”…..all should stop by and try Mardis Gras for a good time and good food!

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