We are back! After 2 months of hiking in the Canadian Rockies and swimming off the coast of Kauai, we are back to tantalize our taste buds with all that NYC has to offer.
And what better way to start back than with the carts at the Red Hook Ballfields (video) .

Red Hook Ballfields
Red Hook, Brooklyn

In case you did not know, during the summer, the Red Hook Ballfields have all sorts of fantastic food carts representing delicacies from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala….etc. You can sit at picnic tables, or just hang out on the grass, watch the locals play soccer and enjoy the loud raggaeton music blasting from cars.
This is truly a New York experience. Everyone from every background is eating the food together and enjoying the outdoors.
We LOVED the tacos…..served with fresh grilled chicken or steak with plenty of lettuce and green tamale sauce, pickled jalapenos and radishes. With a squeeze of fresh lime, these are fresh and delicious.
You must try the Pupusas. The ones we were enamored with are served at the cart with the longest line claiming to be Red Hook’s original Pupusa. They are made in front of your eyes and filled with pork, chicken, shrimp, zucchini, loracho flower (a Salvadoran flower supposedly filled with natural fiber) and beans. Combined with cheese and grilled between corn meal, these are amazingly accompanied with sour cream and pickled cabbage. I cannot emphasize just how incredible they are!
Also, we highly recommend the Horchada. There was a cart with Fruit Horchada, which is rice milk with fresh strawberries. It certainly quenched the fire that some of the spicier food created.
All in all, this was a fantastic experience! One where you realize, yet again, that New York is the best city in the world.