Michael Angelo’s II
29-11 23rd Ave, Astoria
Michael Angelo’s is a local Italian restaurant with a narrow facade that gets lost among other notable establishments on its block, like Stamatis and Club 23. After passing by dozens of times, we decided to finally give it a shot. The inside is small with only a few tables, but there is a sparsely decorated covered patio where we sat. The service was friendly with a strong neighborhood feel, where one should feel at home, although we did not for some reason. The food was fine. The best dish was a warm fava bean and artichoke salad. Fava beans are so underrated in most cuisine, and are really hearty and satisfying. Spud got a standard chicken spinach pasta dish and I had the thin crust mushroom pizza which had a very rich marsala sauce on it. The first slice was great, but went downhill fast – I didn’t even eat the leftovers – which is saying a lot if you know me. Although the plain thin crust cheese pizza looked very good.

So there is nothing wrong with Michael Angelo’s, its just that we wouldn’t rush back. But let me qualify that by saying that we hardly ever go to Italian restaurants. Spud likes to cook Italian and is quite good at it, so unless it’s going to be spectacular, we usually cook or order from the pizza joints. So don’t let me dissuade you from Michael Angelo’s, you might really enjoy it.