Smokin’ Q
206 East 63rd St (2/3), NYC

Again, as all of you know, I am not a big fan of the Upper East Side around Lexington. Its restaurants definitely lack good grubhub food and prices. My standards are different for this region of Manhattan, so I’ve found that when we find a place that serves great food, even if it’s a little more pricey than usual, we are shocked and pleasantly surprised. I think this has to do with the fact that you usually pay a lot more here for sub-standard eats.
We were recently very surprised with Smokin’ Q, a new Bar-B-Q joint. It’s really cute, with wooden benches and red and white checkered table clothes……you almost forget where you (almost, until you notice all of the button down shirts with sweaters and khaki-pantsed pinched-faced UES-ers) Now, it is not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. A large plate of BBQ with two sides and a drink will run you around $22-25, depending on what you order, and since you place an order at a counter, you do not have to pay the 20% tip for service. Also, the servings are quite large, so you can definitely comfortably get away with sharing a large BBQ plate.
The Hubster had the pulled pork and the BBQ shrimp with collard greens and potato salad. I indulged in BBQ brisket and pulled pork with mac -n- cheese and sweet potato mash. The portions were very large…..we both couldn’t finish the food, and not only that, it was GOOD…..real good, in fact. The brisket was some of the best I’ve ever had, with just the right amount of BBQ sauce and the pulled pork was moist and flavorful (albeit slightly fatty). The Hub’s shrimp was incredible…..large sized and perfectly grilled……and they gave 6 of them! The sides were tasty…..the collards were definitely vegetarian, which was slightly disappointing, the mac-n-cheese was creamy and well-baked, the potato salad had a nice mustardy sauce and the sweet potatoes were a bit bland, but a nice sweet addition to the meal.
We really hope this place makes it… was a nice respite from all of the other over-priced joints surrounding it! The owner was there immediately greeting us, and he seems like a real nice guy just trying to serve some BBQ! They also have a great $10 lunch deal which includes a BBQ sandwich, drink and side.